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    We at Crypto App Factory, will develop Binance exchange auto bot Software development company.
    Create A Custom Requirement From Scratch
    • Intuitive productivity and maintenance tools
    • Omnichannel performance analysis
    • Unique and Creative custom software development
    • Advanced management and execution
    Expert Custom Software Development With Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies.
    Software development with effective digital transformation to help you tackle all technical challenges. Expert custom services with cutting-edge emerging technologies including Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Customer Experience Design, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and Artificial Intelligence.
    Developments that significantly reduce manual work in collection and processing functionalities to boost productivity.
    Easy interdepartmental information flow for better corporate and inter-organizational systems.
    Build clean and secure APIs to allow easy integration of new software with old tools in use to allow smooth automation for custom solutions.
    Free subscription!
    We have created a special subscription that allows traders to use the terminal for free.
    Spot trading
    Calculating breakeven. Auto placing take profit and stop loss and many other functions
    TradingView signals
    Creating an order on Binance based on indicator or strategy signals (webhooks) TradingView.
    Complex control of limits
    We have thought over the work with the Binance API without time-out or bans
    Position price including trading fee
    Price calculation with all fees for the current amount or for orders increasing the position.
    Multiple Take Profit
    Auto-placing by a certain percentage or at a fixed price, rearrangement after averaging.
    Rearrangement SL, if TP is executed
    Rearrangement of stop loss upon execution of take profit.
    Stop loss by trigger candle
    The trigger checks the closing price and the SL level at each candle.
    Floating order
    Our authoring, which allows you to enter a limit order at the best price.
    Auto close position
    Cancel averaging orders and close a position when the TP or SL is filled 100%.
    Display orders on the chart
    Powered by TradingView you can see and move orders, TP, SL, average position cost.
    Ability to move orders on the chart
    You can move orders, take profit, stop loss, trailing profit directly on the chart of the currency pair.
    Preview of TP and SL on the chart
    TP and SL are set to % from the settings, but on the chart you can manually adjust the price of TP and SL.
    User-friendly interface
    Developed usability for the simple trading on crypto exchanges with automation of routine functions
    About all operations with orders and when closing a position
    Thoughtful form for creating order
    We spent an incredible amount of time on tests to work out the most optimal variant of form
    Averaging (DCA or CA)
    Calculation % of position distance after averaging a position
    Position performance
    Thoughtful display of the position and list of orders in it
    Wallet Balances
    Online updating balances. Conclusion general market balance and coin balances in orders
    Dark theme
    A nice night theme, although I use it at any time of the day
    Currency pairs ticker
    Ability to create a list of selected currency pairs, see a dynamic change in price, trading volume in 24h
    Displaying an order in a order book
    A trifle, but it’s convenient to see the order being located directly in a glass
    Stable service
    We host the code on the powerful servers working in the cluster with load balancing and monitoring of the system
    2FA, https, protected servers from hacking and didos attacks.
    Fully automated, real-time experience:
    We build robust algorithmic software that helps run fully automated bots, 24/7.
    Executable ready-to-go strategies:
    Customizable to suit both basic and advanced trading strategies
    Low-latency, customizable bots:
    Our algorithmic bot development services are custom fit to suit your business requirements.
    Intuitive GUI based algorithmic software:
    We provide highly design-driven, end-to-end algorithmic software development services with data-intensive charts, backtesting software, and historical data download.
    Easily executable ready-to-go strategies:
    Our algorithmic software bot development services allow easy implementation of arbitrage, market making, and several other algorithmic strategies.
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