How to raise funds efficiently with BEP20 tokens?

  • There are hundreds of ideas out there to raise funds. But none of that can match the effectiveness of ICO. The interest for Initial Coin Offering is expanding on a wide scale and rose to power in such a short term. It was just four summers before investors were raising concerns about the IPO method. All of a sudden, ICO came to power. With ICO, you can raise funds in a hassle-free manner.

    But, to continue with launching an ICO, it is mandatory to create crypto tokens. Sensibly, you should also select the suitable token standard to perform an effective ICO. Many experts would recommend going with the ERC20 token standard. Yes, it is quite a standard to raise funds. You can go ahead with ERC20 if not for cost-effectiveness. What if I say there is a way you can raise funds quickly, hassle-free, and cost-effective. Yes, BEP20 is the standard that helps you in optimizing your cost.

    BEP20 is the fungible token standard of the Binance Smart Chain. It has been just a year since the launch of Binance Smart Chain, and it is already quite popular. BEP20 has earned its trust and popularity among investors and crypto enthusiasts. Using this popularity, you can attract more investors. It will make your ICO quick and effective.

    The other thing that might interest your investors is the transaction cost. The transaction cost of BEP20 is way far lower than ERC20. But, you might get a thought on the quality of the transaction speed. Surprisingly the transaction speed of BEP20 towers over the ERC20. A stat proves that most ERC20 token users are pegging their tokens into BEP20 to afford the transaction cost and speed.

    So, where will you create BEP20 tokens to launch ICO?

    BEP20 token creation demands smart contract implementation. The Smart contract implementation requires the guidance of experts. To work on it, you will have to turn to a BEP20 token development company. You can list out the functionalities you require and can also ask for suggestions from the experts there. They will come out with more suggestions that might be useful for your business.

    I've done some groundwork and would like to toss up my findings regarding a trustable BEP20 token development company. Zab Technologies is a renowned blockchain development company that is into BEP20 token development. You can contact them to find more.

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