Start your crypto exchange similar to luno

  • In this current era, many emerging entrepreneurs in the region around Nigeria preferred one of the top crypto exchanges - Luno as their business model. When thinking of starting a crypto exchange similar to the luno exchange, most of the entrepreneur’s choices was Luno clone script. At this moment you might have a question like what are attraction factors for entrepreneurs that the luno clone script possesses? Let us discuss the interesting factors of the luno clone script.

            -> Luno clone script is a ready-to-launch crypto exchange clone software that imposes the same architecture of luno exchange. 
            -> This clone script contains all the features and services of the current luno exchange.
            -> Also, this script allows you to modify the crypto exchange as per your business needs. 
            -> You can launch your crypto exchange in less than a week by using the luno clone script. 

    In addition to these factors, the clone script satisfies many entrepreneurs expectations by incorporating some of the advanced trading features like,

    1. Limit order, Market order, and Stop order
    2. Order book system
    3. Margin trading
    4. Multi-Cryptocurrency wallet integration
    5. Instant buy/sell
    6. Liquidity API
    7. Automatic KYC/AML verifications & many more.

    The above-mentioned are some of the highlighted features that the luno clone script consists of before launching. Along with the features let me share some of the security functions too..,

    1. HTTP authentication
    2. Data encryption
    3. Two-factor authentication
    4. SQL injection prevention
    5. Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
    6. Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection
    7. Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection & many more.

    You can get all the above-mentioned features and security functions possessed by the luno clone script by approaching the right service provider in the crypto market. Here you may have the question - who will be the right service provider? Because there are plenty of service providers out in the crypto sector. No worries let me share the result of my detailed research regarding the best service provider. Coinsclone is one of the best service providers in the market. They so far delivered several crypto projects to their clients over years. They provide the best service with customizable luno clone scripts without any glitches to their clients.

    If you are interested and want to gather more details about the Luno Clone Script feel free to contact their experts via..,

    Mail Id: [email protected]

    Telegram/Whatsapp: +91 9500575285

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