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  • Antier Solutions is here to help you set up your White Label Exchange Software with the best possible support system. The company takes care of each and every little detail of the procedure. Be it in the field of legal, technology, finance, or security, you do not need to worry about anything.

  • Well, you must be knowing the intense growth of cryptocurrencies in the last couple of years. Many people have started to realize the various benefits of trading cryptocurrencies, which simultaneously increased the engagements for various crypto exchanges existing currently. Seeing this as a golden opportunity, many business giants started to step into this field by launching their own crypto exchange.

    You may wonder how one could easily launch a crypto exchange. That’s totally fine to have such questions. After deciding to launch their own crypto exchange, the method they took in hand to develop was quite amusing. They chose the way that was highly beneficial which required a minimal amount of work, paved their path to success easily, by providing a bug-free, instantly deployable, multi-tested product. You might be curious about knowing what they opted for. Obviously, their choice was White label crypto exchange software. Let’s see a detailed view of its features.

    Impeccable features of Whitelabel crypto exchange software:

    • Mobile Application For Android, IOS Devices

    • Margin Trading

    • IEO Integrated Module/ Launchpad

    • Liquidity API

    • Trader Console

    • Admin Console

    • Order Matching Engine

    • KYC/AML Solutions

    • Trading Bot

    Security features:

    • HTTPS Authentication

    • Anti Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

    • Data Encryption

    • SQL Injection Prevention

    • Anti Denial of Service (DoS)

    • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

    Also, here are some of the benefits of choosing Whitelabel crypto exchange software,

    Faster deployment
    No need for technical knowledge
    Customization scope is high

    After realizing its worthiness, as an entrepreneur planning to launch your crypto exchange, you may think of availing it. Here stands the other crucial step to be taken care of. The benefits you are about to enjoy depend on the provider you go for. Not everyone delivers the best outcome. Because there are some inexperienced providers mixed up with this lot too who may put your entire process in a critical situation with their least qualified product. So, it is highly advisable to go with a professional White label crypto exchange software provider to make your crypto exchange business dream a reality.