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    About BitGuild
    The BitGuild cryptocurrency platform is the new thing that has hit the gaming industry. It aims at creating a new and entirely distinct relationship between game developers and players, by bringing them into an interactive blockchain with better innovative traits that would provide more acceptable options for game players, as well as a reasonable deal for the developers. The approach is to incorporate all the basic benefits that blockchain brings to the old everyday gaming methods while utilizing a specially designed formula in achieving its objectives, asides the decentralized framework. We could, therefore, describe BitGuild as an extended community that unites every entity involved in the development of games, and those involved in their continuity.

    What does the BitGuild platform look like
    The BitGuild platforms are built on Ethereum- the solidity programmed network. Thus the platform makes use of an ERC-20 token called platinum (PLAT). The PLAT tokens are the ultimate means of the transaction on the platform. This would mean that every exchange of value between players, developers, and the platform would be solely carried out using the token. Since BitGuild seeks to facilitate microtransactions, there are possibilities that it could move to a different host blockchain after some time. A reason for this is in a bid to cut down on transaction fees and limits which would not be favorable for effective microtransactions.

    Methods of operation
    Every user is provided with a wallet that is linked to the accounts, and where the tokens are sent. The methods of operation would resemble that of an open marketplace where various third-party game developers can list their games for all the game players on the platform to choose from. Every spent PLAT tokens on the platform are to be distributed in specified proportions ( depending on the game), among the game developers, BitGuild, and any other contributors to the development of the game. Asides third-party developers who are allowed to list their games, the platform also has its in-house developers.

    BitGuild- the game, one of the listed games allows players build unique personalized avatars, as well as crafting ways of accumulating items which could be traded off.

    Since different games (and their various populations) are what culminates into the overall ecosystem, the token means of payment allows a flow of value interaction among every member on the platform. Thus Two users who always played different games could still transact and exchange virtual assets amongst themselves using the PLAT token.

    Another exciting feature of the platform would be the creation of the BitGuild community. The community would foster interactive discussions between users where important gaming events on the platform are discussed. Asides this, there is also the BitGuild design house where intending game developers can secure funds for executing their projects, while other users have a chance to stake PLAT tokens to the projects, on smart contracts. There are certain allocated rewards in exchange for every contributor’s token. If fundraising does not meet its target, all gathered funds are duly returned to the contributors.

    The BitGuild team consists of experienced game developers and technocrats of the gaming industry. They include Jared Psigoda (CEO of R2Games), Curtis Chiu (who has over 18 years of gaming experience), Mikhail Larionov (who had had a vast experience in gaming and cryptocurrency), and Sean Keith (who has also worked with the Reality squared games).

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