Qlink dApp WinQ adds gaming feature — Crypto Monopoly

  • The blockchain technology services as a public ledger is a natural marketplace for transparent trading. Qlink is taking the technology advantage and applies it on its established dApp WinQ, which provides decentralised network assets sharing solutions for everyone. Users can earn QLC by registering its WiFi in the app and offer the usage to others.

    In the advent of the Qlink dApp launching itself on Google Play — targeting April 4th, we are excited to announce the new gaming feature which will be included — “Crypto Monopoly”.

    Crypto WiFi is NOT a collectible game, as the asset you are registering and purchasing has the potential to make more money, from users’ QLC tips. This is an investment game for value increasement. Referring to playing Monopoly on Blockchain, the more awesome part is, if you don’t feel like to pay the “rent”, you can choose to acquire others’ property.

    Here is how the idea designed:

    During the WiFi registration process, one is required to put a number of deposit measured by QLC as the baseline value. One piece of WiFi asset on WinQ is evaluated as: Value = deposit + earnings. During the internal testing period of time, we noticed the possibility of user A wishing to register a WiFi which was previously registered by another user B. Whereas A is willing to put down more deposit at the same time compensate the earnings of B, this involves an asset ownership transfer, from where we came up with this idea of “Crypto Monopoly”.

    The specific rules will be released later. However, I would recommend all of you to search for some profitable WiFi around your neighbourhood and be prepared to register or buy them as your own asset. Most importantly, get your Android device ready!