How do blockchain platforms help in efficient crowdfunding?

  • Crowdfunding has been the most helpful method in raising funds for businesses. But the recent history states that many fraudulent activities have happened. This has left the investors to think before leaping. Yet, every problem has a solution. In the same way, traditional crowdfunding can be replaced by crypto crowdfunding. Crypto Crowdfunding is proving to be the best of all time to raise funds. It has the ability to gain more trust among the investors.
    ICO is one of the crypto crowdfunding methods you can hold tight to develop your business. In fact, it is the populist crypto crowdfunding method that also has many success stories. For instance, Filecoin a popular cryptocurrency raised an enormous amount of funds ($257 million) through ICO. The amount of funds that it has managed to raise proves the enormous trust that investors show towards ICO.

    Apart from trust, there is another factor that could help you in efficient crowdfunding. The blockchain platform that you prefer has a big say in making your ICO efficient. The blockchain platform must be popular enough to reach investors. In search of such a blockchain network, you will be left with either Ethereum or TRON. Ethereum has the most popular among the other blockchain platforms. TRON also has popularity, but more than that it has high transaction speed when compared to Ethereum. And the transaction cost of TRON is comparatively low. This feature will help you in attracting more investors. TRON also has two popular standards you can make use of while creating tokens.

    Token Standards of TRON
    TRON has TRC10 and TRC20 token standards. TRC20 is more of an updated version of TRC10. Fortunately, both standards are popular among crypto enthusiasts who can be your potential investors. Choosing one among these tokens can be easy. But it is not the same case when creating them, especially while creating TRC20 tokens. TRC20 tokens imply smart contracts which require the guidance of highly trained experts. To sort this out you can go with finding a TRON token development company. But, there are many companies out there who are waiting to prey on you. It will be better to do some groundwork before choosing the company. I hereby would like to provide you with a suggestion that I found out doing some research on my behalf. Zab Technologies-a renowned blockchain development company has been providing token development services in the most trustable way. Besides TRON token development they also provide crypto wallets to store, send and receive your tokens. And you can even get a customized dashboard of your interest. You can contact them to get more insights regarding this.

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