How to choose the token standard for your ICO?

  • Initial coin offering is a mechanism that helps in providing the required funds for your business. It has benefited many high-profile businesses. For instance, telegram-a messaging app company raised nearly $72 million through ICO. With such assurances, ICO has been the prime source to raise funds for some years. But, it is very important to note that launching an ICO requires crypto tokens. These crypto tokens are digital assets that are sold to investors to raise funds. They resemble the equity share of the investor in the company.

    How to choose the blockchain platform?
    The crypto tokens have specific token standards which play a vital role in making the ICO more efficient. It is also recommended to choose a popular blockchain platform. To start with popular blockchain, we can give a hit on Ethereum. Ethereum has been the most popular blockchain platform for many years. With this popularity, at a minimal effort, you can attract many investors.

    Also, with the Ethereum blockchain, you will get to create ERC20 tokens-the most popular among all other token standards. Almost 70% of the total tokens in the marketplace are created in the ERC20 token standards. Crypto enthusiasts who will be aware of these stats might become potential investors to your business.

    How to create ERC20 tokens?
    Now that you know ERC20 will be the best choice for your ICO, where will you create them? Well, frankly speaking creating an ERC20 token is not a big deal. But implementing a smart contract is. So it is advised to refer an expert regarding your token creation. To be more precise, you can consult an ERC20 token development company to find out more. But, considering the security factor, it is recommended to do some research on the company before consulting them. But, to reduce your burden, I’ve done some groundwork and found that Zab Technologies-a renowned blockchain development company, has been providing ERC20 token creation service for some time now. They have well-trained experts who can guide you in ERC20 token development. To make it interesting, along with the ERC20 token creation service, they also provide crypto wallets. These wallets can be used to store, send and receive your ERC20 tokens. And also, you can request a free demo and have a look before working things out. You can contact them to get more insights.

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