Launch your ICO with BEP20 standard tokens

  • Fund is important to help your business grow. Without funds, your ideas are the mystery buried in the deep ocean. But how will you raise funds for your projects? And how sure are you that you will raise funds without any hassle? ICO is the answer to all your questions. You can launch ICO with crypto tokens and raise the required fund.

    Crypto tokens are digital assets. There are many token standards available in different blockchains. Choosing suitable token standards can be difficult. ERC20 is the token standard of the Ethereum blockchain and is highly popular. But, it has a high transaction cost. This highlights the importance of selecting your token standard.

    Based on recent stats, BEP20 has the upper hand among other token standards. BEP20 is a standard used to create tokens in the Binance Smart Chain. It has created a huge buzz in the marketplace. But there are several other reasons to create BEP20 tokens for ICO.

    The first reason will be the popularity of BEP20 in the marketplace. BEP20 is the current trend in the marketplace. With popular tokens, it will be easy to raise funds.
    The transaction speed - If it provides a high transaction speed, then the cost will also be higher. Surprisingly not. The transaction cost of BEP20 standard tokens is very low compared to ERC20 and other standards.

    Now that you know the capabilities of BEP20, you can create BEP20 tokens of your own. But, the implementation of smart contracts is tricky. As smart contracts are immutable it requires an expert to implement them. Rather it would be better to find a BEP20 token development company to help you in doing a perfect job. I have done some research and found out that Zab Technologies, a renowned blockchain development company, has been providing token creation services. With them, you will get to work with well-trained professionals. The most interesting part here is along with BEP20 token development you will be offered a wallet to store, send and receive your tokens. Also, you can avail a free demo before getting into the process. Contact them for more insights.

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