Qlink dApp brings instant messaging alive — Version 1.1.1

  • With the date of our dApp available on android App store approaching, Qlink team speeds up the process of implementing different functionalities to improve the user experience. The Instant Messaging (IM) feature tends to facilitate connections between digital asset owners and users. When the owner is P2P online, users can start a chat by clicking the owner’s picture.

    We believe this is an important step before the product’s commercial launch. The chatting functionality creates a peer-to-peer communication opportunity between the owners and users where there could be special requests, complaints, or just casual social considering both sides are pioneering in the adopting of decentralised App.

    Your story of using the dApp is welcome! Tell us if you find this function helpful!

    The new version also fixed other general bugs and improved performance improvements.

    In addition, we called for renaming the dApp from our community members and received many brilliant ideas. Qlink team is very much appreciated for the supporters’ enthusiasm, at the mean time excited about the new name being adopted for global roll out.

    Download the version 1.1.1 here:



    On the behalf of the Qlink team, I would like to thank all the members who have taken it upon themselves wholeheartedly to support our project. The success of Qlink lies in each and every one of you!

    A big thank you to everyone who participated in our product testing, all the way from the very first version — Qlink Dapp V1.1.1. Your feedback, suggestions and effort helped us to grow at a faster pace than we could have ever hoped for. Your feedbacks and suggestions has been incorporated into the improvement of versions after versions and we exerted full effort in making the best of the contributions from each member.

    To express our gratitude, the Qlink team has set aside a pool of QLC tokens to reward our beta testers who have given us constructive feedback and suggestions and who have consistently been with us throughout our product testing phase.