How does TRON token development help you in improvising your ICO?

  • Are you looking to launch an ICO for fundraising? It is a wise option to choose ICO for fundraising. A stat says that about $3 billion worth of funds is being raised through ICO every year. Many entrepreneurs and investors are being comforted by the efficiency of ICO. But what if I say that you can improvise your ICO even more? Yes, ICO can be done using crypto tokens, and these crypto tokens breathe in the blockchain platforms. So, in order to improve your efficiency, you must choose a suitable blockchain platform.

    How to choose the best blockchain platform?

    There are many blockchain platforms out there. But choosing the best one to create crypto tokens is quite easy. Only three on the blockchain platforms are blessed with helping in the best token creation process - Ethereum, TRON, and Binance Smart Chain. Ethereum is the most popular among all. But, when it comes to transaction costs, you will have to pay way more than the others. Binance Smart Chain is a good option if not for transaction speed. The speed is high but comparatively low to TRON blockchain. TRON accounts for 2000 transactions per second at a low cost. This one feature will buy you more investors. Apart from that, TRON has the popularity you will require to more attract investors.

    TRON token standards

    The TRON blockchain offers two token standards you can avail of for ICO.

    • TRC10
    • TRC20

    TRC10 is a token standard you can create of your own. It is quite a simple one and can do by any tech-savvy person. It is a handy token standard that is also cost-efficient. But, the big frame over here TRC10 does not possess smart contracts. Without smart contracts, tokens can never follow their basic functionalities.

    TRC20 is the upgraded version of the TRC10 standard. It is similar to the ERC20 token standard, but the transaction cost here is comparatively low. Most importantly, the creation of TRC20 implements smart contracts. With this, you can add the required functions to the tokens.

    Now, coming to the major part-TRC20 token development. It is also pretty simple like TRC10. But smart contracts implementation has a different story. The smart contracts are immutable and thus should be done with utter care. It is advisable to consult a TRON token development company with experts who can assist you in creating TRC20 tokens. There are many such companies out there where. But doing some research can avoid a nasty scam. Yet, you need not worry as I've done my part in researching the best token development company. Zab Technologies-a blockchain renowned company has been the best in the business. They have experts who are well trained in TRC20 token development. Apart from token creation, they provide you with a wallet to send, receive and store your tokens. To suit yourself, you can ask for a demo prior to developing your TRC20 tokens. For further information, contact them via,

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