How does choosing BEP20 help in Efficient crowdfunding?

  • For many centuries crowdfunding has been the major source to develop businesses. Crowdfunding is the reason for many successful businesses out there. But, it is not applicable in many cases, especially in recent times. There are many a way where you or your investors might be subjected to scam. Yes, the scam rates surrounding crowdfunding have increased way more in recent times. This reason steels the investor’s trust bringing down the crowdfunding efficiency. So how will you raise funds without any hassle?

    Crypto has become the recent buzz almost around the world. So why not make use of this to raise funds? This method is based on the blockchain platform. These blockchains are the most secure place to store pieces of information. It can never lead to a scam. So going with crypto fundraising will be the most recommendable option.

    Now, even in crypto crowdfunding, there are many methods you can work on. But, won’t it be better if you do it in a simple and yet the most efficient way. If your answer is yes, then ICO will be the recommendable option. Initial Coin Offering has been in existence since 2015. But it was in the year 2017 when ICO managed to raise a sum of $252 million funds. From then on, ICO has become the most preferable method to raise funds.

    If you have decided to work things out with ICO, then you will require crypto tokens. Crypto tokens are digital assets that are provided to the investors that hold their equity share in the company. These tokens are developed in several blockchain platforms. Blockchain platforms have the capability to attract more investors with their popularity. And the popularity of the token standard also plays a major role here. With the more popular token, you can attract more investors. On searching for a token with these two capabilities, I found out BEP20. BEP20 is the fungible token standard of Binance Smart Chain, which is indeed the most popular blockchain platform in recent times. BEP20 token is also the most trending token standard in recent times.

    Why choose BEP20?

    Apart from being popular, BEP20 has the other most important specification that might help you attract crypto enthusiasts who are potential investors. It has the highest transaction speed when compared to other top token standards. Also, the transaction cost is surprisingly low. Crypto enthusiasts who are familiar with BEP20 and Binance Smart Chain will be interested. So, it is ultimately the most preferable token standard.

    Now that you know the capabilities of BEP20, you can create BEP20 tokens of your own. But, the implementation of smart contracts is tricky. As smart contracts are immutable it requires an expert to implement them. Rather it would be better to find a BEP20 token development company to help you in doing a perfect job. I have done some research and found out that Zab Technologies, a renowned blockchain development company, has been providing token creation services. With them, you will get to work with well-trained professionals. The most interesting part here is along with BEP20 token development you will be offered a wallet to store, send and receive your tokens. Also, you can avail a free demo before getting into the process. Contact them for more insights.

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