How can creating ERC20 tokens help in efficient crowdfunding?

  • Crowdfunding is the most casual way to raise funds for businesses. It plays a major role in giving structure to your ideas. So, it is recommendable to work things out in the crypto way. Yes, crowdfunding can be done through crypto. ICO is one such method that is more efficient when compared to others. It has provided plenty of successful crowdfunding results in the past.

    As mentioned earlier, ICO is the most suitable way to raise funds. But, what if I say that you can make it more efficient. Yes, ICO uses crypto tokens - a digital asset to raise funds. These tokens are meant to be accountable for the shares the investors hold. These tokens can be created on various blockchain platforms. So, the investors who are also crypto enthusiasts will take a deep look at the token standards and platforms. So it is recommended to go with the best platform.

    When speaking of the best blockchain platform, Ethereum will be the first choice. Since its launch in 2015, Ethereum has become the most popular blockchain. As of July 2021, over 1 million Ethereum transactions happen on a single day. With this kind of popularity, you can attract many investors without actually working for it.

    ERC20 adds some more benefits to this. ERC20 is the fungible token standard for the Ethereum blockchain. The popularity of ERC20 also accounts for the efficient crowdfunding method. A stat says that almost 70% of the tokens in the marketplace are ERC20 based standards. With this popularity, you can attract even more investors.

    Where to create ERC20 tokens?

    Creating ERC20 tokens is quite easy. Only the smart contract implementation will be an uphill task. You will require the guidance of the experts on implementing them. So, it would be to find an ERC20 token development company to create your ERC20 token. With many token development companies out there, it is advisable to do some groundwork and find out the best suitable company.

    I've also done some research and found out that Zab Technologies - a renowned blockchain development company, has been providing ERC20 token creation service. To add some more spice, along with ERC20 token development, they will also provide you with wallets to store, send and receive the tokens. Add they also provide many other perks. You can make a list of your requirements and contact them to find the cost and other details. You can also ask them to provide you with a demo. Contact them to get more insights.

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