Zeepin AMA with founders Zhu Fei and Shenbi Xu | March 30th | Zeepin Subreddit

  • Warm hello to all the Zeepiners. A lot of you expressed a wish to talk to our founders directly and get more information about Zeepin and Galaxy. Even though there might be some questions we cannot answer at a certain moment and some information that cannot yet be disclosed, we wish to create a transparent environment and discuss openly with all of you about any question, suggestion or concern you might have.

    We will hold a 1 hour live AMA session on our SubReddit channel (https://www.reddit.com/r/ZEEPIN/) on March 30th from 12PM-1PM UTC. Our founders Zhu Fei and Shenbi Xu will be answering all the questions directly.

    Here are some details and rules to make sure that AMA will go as planned and without unnecessary interruptions:


    Time: March 30th, 12PM-1PM (UTC)

    Where: Zeepin Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZEEPIN/

    How: We will open a new thread with title “Zeepin AMA March 30th” at exactly agreed time. Everyone will have a chance to ask questions in the thread and we will answer one by one as a reply. Questions that don’t comply with the rules will not be answered.

    If some of the questions cannot be answered at this point, we will communicate this with you without providing detailed reasons for not answering it. Please understand that all the information we don’t disclose add safety and credibility to the project in some way or another.

    When live part of AMA will be over, you can still post your questions in the thread. We will try our best to answer as soon as possible. Thread will remain open and active.

    We will gather all the important and relevant questions and answers from the AMA session and form a summary article that will be published in our Medium channel a few days after.


    Following types of questions will not be answered:

    · Non-related to Zeepin or Galaxy

    · ZPT/GALA market price related questions

    · Exchange listing related questions (it can play a harmful role for future listings)

    · Repetitive questions (first check the thread if the question was already answered)

    · Bounty or Airdrop related questions

    · “When moon”, “When Lambo” questions

    · Unclear, incomprehensible, non-English

    All the questions should be written in English. Please keep your questions clear and simple.

    Spamming and inappropriate questions and quotes will be deleted. Personal questions about religion, political or sexual orientation will be deleted. We are all in this together to create a welcoming environment and to provide valuable information about our project.

    Make sure you follow our Subreddit to always be updated on new threads and updates.

    We hope to see as much of you as possible to attend our AMA and ask away whatever is on your mind. We will try hard to provide all the information that is disposable at this moment.

    With love, Zeepin team

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