Qlink City Ambassador Program — We Want You

  • Boost the Qlink dApp user growth in your neighbourhood

    It is 1.1.0 dApp go time! We are bringing our 1.1.0 dApp in the android app store, right to your Android devices! Qlink team is proud of the progress and would like to introduce the product to a larger group of users. We crave for local ambassadors influencers like you to boost the Qlink asset registration number and user base in your cityneighbourhood. Submit the form via https://goo.gl/forms/Adtnwzj6yPVAsC412 or feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] .

    Grasp the chance, talk your thoughts to us, let’s achieve “Qlink available everywhere” together! We are aiming to accumulate 100K users worldwide in the first 3 months of dAPP global launch!

    We are eagerly looking for the our project enthusiasts all across global countries especially those base in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Russia, South Korea,Turkey, Japan, US, Netherlands, UK, Australia, Germany to deeply engage in the pre-launch, global online rollout of the XXX dApp.

    Do not miss the chance to work with the leading blockchain project and hop onto the stage facing your global audiences! We’ve got handsome rewards + incentive mechanism in store for you!

    Qlink team

    We are a highly ‘distributed’ team with members scattered all over the world. Our core members are mostly based in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, with community engagement managers located in Central and Western Europe, US. With the prosperity of the project and the expansion of the team, we have been constantly incorporating new members thus gaining power from the community.


    1. Build up and maintain location-bound community. You are in charge of taking forward the dApp user growth and development of your community within the city you reside in. We believe in the magic power of word-of-mouth and wish to create the person-to-person bonding via our city ambassador, you.
    2. Expand the Qlink registered WiFi hotspots effectively and VPN server registered assets by engaging the community members. Proactively reach out to small business owners who could be targeted WiFi & VPN service provider. We have rewards in store for the most prominent ambassador who drives greatest growth in the Qlink registered assets.
    3. Grow the dApp user base and retain the users via all possible online and offline activities, meetups, campaigns, programs, roadshows, ground promotion, remarketing tactics. Expand the adoption of dApp among individual customers and small business owners.
    4. Actively engage in product test when an upgraded version available. Engage more local testers in the product testing and make valuable and constructive suggestions via the google form. Collect user case stories, let us know how did the product provide convenience, security and transparency to their network usage experience.
    5. Work closely with the Qlink product and marketing team, as well as the other city ambassadors via daily communication, including but not limited to email, messaging, conference call, skype calls.
    6. Provide local market insights to the team, make suggestions on dApp promotion strategies and possible marketing activities, campaigns, potential use cases to the team. We would like to see you more of a decision-maker rather than an executive.

    What we are offering

    1. Adequate rewards and bountiful gifts to show our appreciation. Rewards could be distributed in QLC or any other acceptable payment.
    2. High engagement in marketing and overall dApp promotion activities, your opinions and suggestions from the front-line will lie at the core of our strategies.
    3. Prepare to be rearing to join us and deeply engage in our online/offline touring meetups, workshops, community gatherings and presenting together with us in the live streaming, we take pride in your being part of the team!
    4. Full support from the team whenever you are running any dApp promotion relevant activities, we put 100% utmost trust in our ambassadors.
    5. As an ambassador, you are the image, the eyes and mouth of Qlink in your territory, make the best out of it by attending meetings, conferences, meetups on behalf of the team and spread the words out. Take advantage of the unrivalled chances, get to know and the leading projects and pioneers, even iconic figures in the industry.

    Tips for interested parties

    1. We might have you dedicated to the job at the certain stages. This position could require persistent efforts and enthusiasm to constantly drive the all-round growth of the community and dApp users.
    2. Qlink has established an evaluation system to keep the records of all city ambassadors. As KPI could tell the performance of our work, especially at an early stage of the dApp rollout.

    These key figures include but are not limited to Number of the Community members, number of the newly joined members, increase rate of the newly registered WiFi assets, increase rate of the newly registered VPN assets, percentage of the dApp users among the community members, bugs reported.

    3. The city ambassador could be the assigned one person or a team of more than one.

    We consider this call for city ambassador as our primary step towards using localization for global reach, with an eye for massive coverage and our feet firmly on the ground, we look forward to involving you to set off on the voyage with us!

    Fill in the google form here to join us via https://goo.gl/forms/Adtnwzj6yPVAsC412