How to make your crowdfunding more efficient using crypto tokens?

  • The main part of making a business succeed is ideas. And these ideas need funds to be implemented. There are many ways to raise funds. But, not all will work to fulfill your need. And many others like IPO opens the gate to scam. Yes, there are plenty of scams in the history of crowdfunding. But what if I say that you can raise funds in a completely hassle-free way? Also, you can get to attract more investors than any other regular crowdfunding. Interesting right? Initial Coin Offering is a crypto crowdfunding method that came into existence in 2014. Yet, it was the year 2017, when almost $252 million funds were raised through ICO. Since then ICO has been the most reliable method of raising funds.

    Launching an ICO requires crypto tokens. These crypto tokens are the factors that help in making crowdfunding more effective. The crypto tokens are digital assets, that you sell to raise funds. It holds the equity share of the investors. So, you should make sure that the investors are familiar with the tokens provided to them and are easily accessible.

    If you are wondering, what could be done to make such a popular token, then your answer is to create ERC20 tokens. ERC20 tokens are the fungible token standards of Ethereum tokens. Creating ERC20 tokens helps to attract more customers.

    ERC20 tokens breaths in the Ethereum blockchain which is the second most popular blockchain. This popularity will be the first advantage. Apart from that ERC20 can make use of all the admiring features of the Ethereum blockchain.
    ERC20s popularity is the second advantage. A stat states that almost 70% of the tokens in the marketplace are of ERC20 standards. This popularity will help you attract more customers.

    How to create ERC20 tokens?

    Creating an ERC20 token is quite simple, if not for smart contracts. Smart contracts are immutable. So, it must be handled with care. You will need the guidance of experts to create an ERC20. Worry not. I have been doing this for some time and found out that Zab Technologies is a popular blockchain development company. They are really good at ERC20 token development. To add some spice, along with ERC20 tokens they will also provide you with crypto wallets, suitable to hold your ERC20 and other Ethereum tokens at a reasonable cost. You can contact them to get more pieces of information.

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