Why are TRON tokens a better choice for ICO?

  • ICO has been a reliable source to raise funds for business. It has played a major role in helping to develop businesses. In 2017 almost $252 million funds were collected through ICO. Telegram - the popular messaging app, has raised $17 million through ICO. This is how much investors have trust in ICO.

    But there are a few regulations that will make your ICO more efficient. For instance, crypto tokens have a great impact on ICO like their blockchain platform and standards. So it is mandatory to select the blockchain platform and the token standard heedfully. Experts will recommend the ERC20 standard of Ethereum. Yes, it is pretty much good. But the problem is that the Ethereum blockchain requires high costs for transactions at a low transaction speed. So, still, wondering which one to choose? You can go with the TRON blockchain. TRON has been more supportive of ICO over the years. Let me provide you with some facts on TRON.

    TRON has more popularity compared to many of the blockchain networks. This popularity will work against your crypto enthusiasts who are potential investors. You can attract more investors with a popular token.
    The transaction cost of TRON is comparatively low and also has high transaction speed. This is another feature that will help you in attracting more investors.
    After all, TRON provides a high-security level.

    Apart from these, TRON has two standards that could help you in ICO. TRC10 & TRC20. TRC10 is the basic token standard that is easy to create. Yet, it has a few issues. TRC20 token has more reasons to be used in ICO. It is an updated version of TRC10. As a matter of fact, TRC20 implies smart contracts. Creating a TRC20 token can be done by any tech-savvy individual. But, to imply a smart contract requires more attention. Smart contracts are immutable, and thus once implied, you cannot make changes in them. So you will require the guidance of an expert to finish the job. Or you can just hire a TRON token development company to do your work. But, there are many token creation companies out there. Worry not. I have done some groundwork to find out that Zab Technologies - a renowned blockchain development company, are quite good with TRON token development services. All you need to do is contact them and provide a list of functionalities required for your token. You can contact them via
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