Zeepin and Galaxy FAQ — most frequently asked questions from the community

  • Zeepin and Galaxy FAQ — March 20th

    Dear Zeepiners!

    There has been a lot of technical questions regarding Zeepin and Galaxy raised from the community in the past couple of weeks. We were gathering all these questions and prepared a short FAQ, so you can understand both projects better.

    Some questions still cannot be answered at this point, due to various reasons. More information will be made public gradually as the projects evolve. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any important technical or conceptual details before the service is live and running.

    We will also organize a live AMA with our founders on our SubReddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/ZEEPIN/) in the week to come, stay tuned for the date and time announcement.

    We divided the questions and answers into 2 groups, even though some of them are related to Zeepin and Galaxy at the same time.

    The Distributed Creative New Economy

    ZEEPIN related questions:

    Will Zeepin wallet support only ZPT?

    • ZPT/GALA at the first stage.

    Will Zeepin have its own blockchain or will still be a part of NEO blockchain?

    • We will have our own blockchain (both public chain and consortium chain).

    Will Zeepin blockchain native tokens be NEP 5 tokens?

    • Probably not. It is still too early to answer it now. More details will be announced in time.

    What are the ways in which ZeepinChain motivates others to update the code and dApp iteration?

    • Our technical architecture is not only focused on consortium chain, but also involves the public chain and the cross chain interaction. Please stay tuned for our official activities in April. Our CEO Zhu Fei will have a detailed explanation regarding this topic.

    The first ever virtual universe based on blockchain

    GALAXY Related questions:

    Is Galaxy equal to Zeepin chain?

    • Galaxy is an independent chain, not equal to Zeepin chain. Galaxy will have lots of cross chain interactions with Zeepin chain in the future.

    Will Galaxy have its own blockchain or will be a DApp on Zeepin blockchain?

    • Will have its own blockchain.

    Will I be able to stake my ZPT to earn more GALA?

    • Yes.

    Can I buy a planet with GALA or ZPT or NEO or all of them (buy from others)?

    • GALA only.

    To receive a planet, I just need to send ZPT/NEO to my Zeepin wallet?

    • Yes, in the 2nd stage of CryptoGalaxy.

    Galaxy is due for release in April. Will it be released on Zeepin blockchain or Neo blockchain?

    • On NEO blockchain, and then move to independent Galaxy Chain which is a public chain.

    How will you make sure Galaxy does not become obsolete like Crypto kitties?

    • Galaxy is a game that requires continuous operating, and will keep upgrading and adding new features. There will be numerous fun activities to explore in the Galaxy.

    CryptoGalaxy will see it’s debut in April in Seoul, South Korea

    CryptoGalaxy game will target worldwide users and will see its debut in South Korea in April. First batch of beta tester vacancies will be given out during this meetup. After that, white paper and all the technical details will be disclosed to the public. We can assure you that ZPT holders will be the biggest beneficiaries.

    More and more information will be released in upcoming weeks.

    If you have more information regarding Zeepin or Galaxy, feel free to join our Telegram or other communication channels. We will try our best to answer all the questions you might have.

    Zeepin Official Discord Channel

    We recently opened our own Discord Channel, you can join the discussion by following this link: https://discord.gg/YcPhNXC

    Thank you all for your support.

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