Qlink demonstrates product in Melbourne

  • — and calls for city ambassadors

    NEO Melbourne meetup concluded on March 12th, it turned out to be an unprecedentedly lively and engaging meeting with the NEO Aussie supporters. Qlink team had the great honor to share the stage with beloved Uncle Da — founder of NEO, Jun Li who is the co-founder of Onchain and other leading projects in the blockchain industry including matchupBox, Moonlight, Hashpuppies, Alchemist and two young talents from NEOresearch.

    The meetup was held at Insipre9 Richmond, which is a co-working space that accommodated blockchain enthusiasts from all across the globe, beer and pizza gave rise to the excitement of the crowds at the very beginning. When Uncle Da showed up on the stage, the audiences were agitated, laughters and cheers took place constantly when he was sharing the up-to-date news about NEO.

    Dido from Qlink took the stage and gave presentation about the Qlink ecosystem for the first 10 min. The second half was dedicated to the development of Qlink dApp from Qlink WiFi sharing MVP to the latest released 1.0.9 version. With three features fully functioning in the dApp which are WiFi, VPN and wallet, the dApp is all set be brought to the users’ Android devices and tested by the community testers at a larger scale.

    As with the global rollout is drawing, Qlink team is calling for project supporters and event organizers who possess the App marketing expertise all across global cities to be the Qlink city ambassadors. Welcome on board to set out on the voyage with us, to claim the Qlink registered spots! Together with you, we need to reach out to the local users so as to exponentially grow the dApp users, and provide them the most secure and convenient infrastructure for providing communication services. If you have as much faith as we do in the project, please do grab the chance and contact us.


    You are not only hopping onto the bandwagon of a disrupting technology, there is more than you could have ever expected that we are offering! Ready to be amazed? Drop a message at [email protected] or join us via https://t.me/qlinkmobile now!