Why choose the ERC20 standard to raise funds?

  • Unique ideas can make you and your business shine. But the prime aspect for ideas is to implement them. To do that, you will require funds. This is where raising funds come into play. Eliminating the scams and other major problems to raise funds can be an uphill task. But it is not impossible. ICO is a method you can trust blindfolded. Launching an ICO has many promising benefits like for companies raising funds, it is the easiest and fastest way to raise funds. Also, being decentralized might attract many investors.

    Before launching an ICO, the entrepreneur needs to understand that creating crypto tokens is crucial. Crypto tokens act as digital assets portraying the value it represents. You can sell these tokens that represent the share the investors have provided in your company. But, it is advisable to find a token standard that suits your business. There are very few standards that have the potential to suit all kinds of business and strategies. ERC20 is one such standard. It has been the most prominent source of ICO for many years now. Talking statistically, almost 70% of the crypto tokens created are ERC20 standard.

    By now, you would've realized the popularity of ERC20 token standards. This popularity gives you a chance to increase the number of investors. Investors can be attracted in a higher ratio when you provide them with something they are familiar with. TRON, one of the top blockchain platforms, raised funds through ERC20 tokens to lay down a separate blockchain platform. It raised almost 70 million USD during this ICO process.

    To make things more interesting, ERC20 breathes in the Ethereum blockchain. Over the years, Ethereum has built a trust wall among the investors. It might also build trust among your investors.

    So, why wait now? Go ahead and create your ERC20 tokens for ICO. But be careful while choosing the source to create your tokens. There are many sources like token generators to create ERC20 tokens. But, if you need your smart contracts to be specific, you should consult an ERC20 token development company. The experts in that company will provide the guidance you require in creating ERC20 tokens.

    If you are still wondering where to find a trustable ERC20 token development company, let me suggest Zab Technologies, a renowned blockchain development company. All you have to do is, make a list of your priorities and provide them to the experts in the company. They will work on your behalf to create ERC20 tokens.

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