How to Launch STO?

  • If you didn’t know, fundraisers can raise funds in the crypto space using advanced fundraising techniques. One of the Fundraising Models is launching a Security Token Offering (STO).

    Overview of STO:

    You can think of STO as a regulated ICO. They deal only with security tokens, unlike ICO. A security token can offer more profits to the investor when compared to a utility. STOs need to be compliant with several government regulations. Security Tokens are classified as securities, so they are bound by the securities regulations of the country they’re operating in. In STO, security tokens are developed by real-time assets and contain all the ownership information. It provides high security to investors and reduces the risk of token issuers.

    Benefits of launching STO

    • Only accessible to properly authenticated investors
    • Handle real assets and comply with government regulations, which makes it trustworthy
    • Offers high security, which makes it ideal for long term investment
    • Better market acceptance than ICO and IEO
    • Access to global markets.
    • Efficiency and scalability.
    • Lower costs
    • More Efficient

    How to launch STO

    • Check the legal compliance
    • Write a white paper
    • Gather a team of experts
    • Work on the legal Advisory
    • Creating security tokens
    • Pre -STO
    • Set-up utility/asset offering details
    • Whitelisting the investors
    • Create a website
    • Start marketing your STO

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