What is NFT? Which blockchain network is recommendable to create an NFT?

  • Blockchain is a sunken wellbore through which we’ve managed to draw a bucket. But gaining more knowledge never goes in vain. So, let me sprinkle more into your bucket. We all are familiar with fungible tokens. But, NFTs can be even cooler. Non-Fungible Tokens are unique crypto tokens. They are similar to fungible tokens. But they have an individual purpose. You can use these tokens as a digital asset to represent any other asset, even the physical ones.

    Where can you use these NFTs?
    NFTs are useful in various sectors. It is only in recent times the usage of NFTs has expanded vastly. They are used in Gaming, creating digital collectibles, and now even in Real estate. Yes, as mentioned earlier, NFTs can also be used to represent a physical asset. Smart contracts are the elves of NFT that provide you with these necessities. But it is important to choose a trustable blockchain network to work on your smart contracts. If not, the NFT you created might be of less value.

    Ethereum is the trustable blockchain you are looking for. You can create an NFT in the ERC721 token standard. It is meant for NFTs. ERC721 is the most popular token standard used to create NFTs. The popular gaming platform - cryptokitties also uses the ERC721 token standard for their collectibles.

    The benefits of creating ERC721 are also quite attractive.

    • Surveillance free

    • License-free and limited

    • Transferable license

    • Piracy free

    Creating ERC721 might give you all these benefits. But how can you obtain the perks while creating an ERC721 token? There is a way. You can contact a company that could provide you with the services of ERC721 token development and post your inquiries. The experts in the company will be able to guide you on a safe path.

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