How does localbitcoins clone script work?

  • Initially, let us see about the LocalBitcoins Clone Script in simple words,

    LocalBitcoins Clone Script implies the architecture that is similar to localbitcoins exchange. LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a cryptocurrency exchange clone software consisting of the updated features, functionalities and plug-ins of the localbitcoins exchange. By using this script, entrepreneurs can develop their own crypto exchange similar to localbitcoins in less than a week & in a cost-efficient manner. They can also modify this clone script as per your business requirements in a hassle-free manner.

    Now you might have an idea about the localbitcoins clone script. Further let us see about the working of the localbitcoins clone script.

    Working of the LocalBitcoins Clone Script,

    1. Registration Process - Initially, your user needs to sign up to the website for starting their trade. Sign up requires the user’s email or contact number to create their own ideal account for trading.
    2. Verification Process - After registration, the user needs to complete their KYC verification process. In KYC verification, the user needs to provide their KYC details respectively and wait till all their details get approved by the admin.
    3. Start Trading - After the user becomes a verified member of the website they can start their crypto trading. The user can start their trading by posting Ads with the details like accepted payment methods, trading limits and other details. Or they can choose any one among the existing advertisements.
    4. Transaction - When the user is satisfied with the terms of post ads, they can exchange their cryptocurrency with the help of an escrow system. Escrow method is one of the best services which is used during the transaction. It holds the cryptocurrency safely until the fund reaches the seller. After the confirmation, the cryptocurrency is released to the respective person.

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