Steps to Launch an ICO

  • ICO Overview :

    ICO is a crypto way of fundraising in which entrepreneurs can raise capitals for the Crypto Projects. The ICOs that are successful in raising desired capital graduate to become new cryptocurrencies in the market. Capital investments are made by potential investors through the purchase of ICO tokens with virtual cash or other digital currencies. The tokens are representations of an asset or utility in the blockchain. The tokens are fungible and tradeable.

    Characteristics of an ICO:

    • They are decentralized with no central authority to lead them.
    • It’s performance largely depends on blockchain Smart contracts that execute transactions, process orders, and store details of the agreements between exchanges and investors.
    • Agents such as brokers or stockbrokers are absent which enables investors to directly deal with the platform.
    • Anyone from any part of the globe can have access to it using the Internet.
    • Investors are not restricted by any conditions during the purchase of the issued crypto tokens.

    Steps to Launch an ICO

    • Check with your competitors
    • Market research
    • Comply with the different regulations
    • Create the whitepaper
    • Establishing an Investor dashboard
    • Fixing the price of a token
    • Integration of wallets
    • Form an experienced team
    • Setting up the customer support services
    • Create an ICO website
    • Report preparation
    • Pre sale ICO
    • Launching your ICO
    • Marketing and promotions
    • Post sale ICO

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