How to raise funds using blockchain networks?

  • Fundraising has remained an eternal part of taking your business ideas to the next level. With an idea, you can bring changes. But, ideas require funds to progress. So, raising funds is a prominent process. If you are planning to do so, then there are few things you must look after.

    The first will be security. Financial history states that there are many fraudulent activities while raising funds. You must make sure that the method you prefer to raise funds is trustable among the investors.
    Popularity-You must raise funds using popular platforms and sources to attract more investors.

    ICO is one of the potential ways where you can raise funds within all these norms. It is a hybrid of IPO and crowdfunding and is a popular way used by many international companies. Telegram - the messaging app conducted a large ICO worth 1.7 billion in 2018. It has retained a credibility factor among the investors.

    ICO is done by issuing crypto tokens. The crypto tokens act as digital assets which are sold to investors to raise funds. Choosing a crypto token for ICO can be quite a task. It is because there are various blockchain networks where you can create crypto tokens.

    How to choose a blockchain network to create tokens?

    The crypto tokens should be created on a blockchain network that can be trustable, popular, and cost-effective. Ethereum network is a familiar network and will abide by the first two factors mentioned above. But, it is not cost-effective. Ethereum requires high gas fees and is a drawback for entrepreneurs.

    So, what can you do now? Worry not. I have a suggestion for you. TRON blockchain network complies with all the factors to create a token. It also has different standards - TRC10, TRC20 which are fungible and are perfectly splendid for ICO.

    What is TRC10?

    TRC10 is one of the technical token standards supported by the TRON blockchain. It is the first token standard for TRON after the mainnet launch when TRON moved into its own blockchain platform. It is easy to create TRC10 tokens as the flexibility of the blockchain is higher.

    What is TRC20?

    TRC20 is a standard similar to ERC20 in the Ethereum blockchain. But it is better than ERC20 when it comes to transaction cost and speed. Since TRC20 breathes in the TRON blockchain, the transaction speed is higher. And the cost, on the other hand, is comparatively low.

    Where to create TRON tokens?

    TRON tokens are easy to create. In fact, there are many sources where you can generate TRON tokens. It will be a simple and easy process. But the problem here is working on the smart contracts. When you generate TRON Tokens, the smart contract will be issued already and, you can not include your required functionalities. So it is advisable to find a TRON token development company and list out your requirements to them. Experts there will provide you with suggestions and help you create your TRON token.

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