Red Pulse Research Platform Progress

  • Dear Red Pulse community,

    Red Pulse has been hard at work on our number one goal: to build a tokenized research platform and ecosystem. We have made a lot of progress in the last few months and are excited to share updates to our community on our roadmap.

    Django / Python platform

    The Django / Python platform is in development, with an internal beta to be released by the first quarter. Our research analysts will test the integration of the platform with their current workflow and give feedback to our development team. Scheduled for second quarter, we will launch an invitation-only beta to clients and users. The public launch is marked for third or fourth quarter of 2018.

    These UI / UX diagrams show the initial concepts and mockups of three newly redesigned pages: the main research page, the RP Event page, and advanced search functionality. The database schema and models have been built, with the team continuing to work on other parts of the platform.

    Cloud Event Data Feed: Built on key words and topics generated from our machine learning and NLP

    The development on the Cloud Event Data feed has begun. Using our machine learning and NLP (natural language processing) algorithms, this feed will data and provide users with trending topics and keywords, while matching similar content and linking historical events together.

    Launch client API for existing platform content and data as premium service

    The schematics for the API has been designed and we are preparing to implement with our current platform. For our premium data feeds, we are adding information sources and preparing to test and tweak our machine learning algorithms.

    Sync of custom research insight feeds, this means allowing more fine-tuned customization, similar to the faceted search on the website, but available on mobile as well as custom email newsletters

    We are working on syncing our current Drupal platform with our email service providers to provide this functionality.

    Revamp mobile apps (iOS and Android) harmonized with new platform

    Our mobile developer & UI / UX team are working along with the Python / Django development to make sure all platforms have the same functionality and usability.

    Hiring continues to be a major focus for us. In addition to our current four back-end / full-stack developers, one front-end, one mobile, and two UI / UX, we are looking to add to the team: back-end, front-end, data engineers, machine learning / NLP / AI specialists, and UI / UX designers. If interested, please send resumes to [email protected]

    We will continue to give frequent updates on our progress in our bi-weekly reports to keep everybody up-to-date. For questions, please contact us on our social media channels.

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