Qlink dAPP upgrades —# 1.0.9

  • Qlink has been continuously working on the product and completed the 9th version. A lot of improvement has been made based on our beta user’s feedback. Qlink values all the contributions a lot, thank you. Download the product and try it now. The WiFi-sharing, Wallet and VPN-sharing are fully operational with fantastic UX.

    Qlink dApp is just one mile away from global commercial launch. Keep in mind that Qlink is still running on NEO TESTNET. Get to learn it and share the product with your friends to introduce secure network services.

    First step is to register the WiFi hotspot on the Qlink network by using the dApp. The next step is to inform your friends, neighbours, family, guests, customers, tenants or landlords to use the Qlink dApp for network access, as a result, you can earn crypto for WiFi usage and get QLC tips easily, saving the trouble of fragmented data billing or micro money transfer.

    If you want to host a VPN service, setup your VPN server on the free virtual server space such as Amazon Web Service, and be prepared to receive QLC tokens.

    Comprehensive wallet function!

    1. Added QR code function in Wallet.
    2. Transaction history records available in Wallet.
    3. Added multi wallet management function.
    4. Wallet details screen available that displays the wallet public address, private keys.

    Qlink Wallet

    User experience improvement

    1. Optimization of transaction stability
    2. Auto message enabled — asset owner will receive a message when the usage is triggered
    3. Refine the UX of connecting to a VPN server with 2 screens added in.

    WiFi and VPN

    1. Configuration files with various settings are now available for VPN server setup on Qlink users’ Android devices.
    2. WiFi assets owner could now set their desired amount of tips.

    As always, we value your feedback a lot, please let us know how you experience our dApp and post us all your suggestions here:

    Thank you — let’s build a decentralized mobile network together!