Enrich your fundraising with ERC20 token development

  • There are around 582 million entrepreneurs around the world who are looking to increase the standards and quality of their businesses. But, the past has assured us that both inventions and innovations are required to improve your business. So when you have an impressive idea, you should take it through the minds of every single person out there. That is what the quality of business is all about. But to do so, you will require funds. Without funds, there is nothing you can do with ideas. So it is essential to raise funds. But, to add some spice there are many fraudulent activities that scam the investors or the fundraisers.

    So, how can you raise funds in a scam-free manner? Here’s your answer. You can raise funds through crypto. According to a stat, there are around 221 million crypto users around the world. Is it not enough to raise your required funds? Now there are many ways to raise funds through cryptocurrencies such as ICO, STO, IEO, and more. Out of these, ICO is the best option to raise funds as it is feasible.

    Now that you have decided to go with ICO. You must create crypto tokens on a popular Blockchain platform. Then, you should choose a crypto token standard. These token standards can enhance the quality of your ICO process, based on their popularity and features. There are many popular crypto token standards like ERC20, TRC10, TRC20, BEP20, and many others. But I would recommend you use the ERC20 token standard. You may wonder. Well, here are some of the reasons why you should prefer the ERC20 token standard.

    The first and foremost reason for creating the ERC20 token is its popularity. About 70% of the tokens in the marketplace are ERC20 tokens. The ERC20 token itself is a brand that has the capability to attract more investors.
    The Ethereum - the blockchain where the ERC20 token breathes. Ethereum is the most observed and utilized blockchain among the altcoins. With this Ethereum token standard, it would be easier to popularize your token and your ideas.
    With the ERC20 token standard, you can afford a hassle-free transaction. This is the most important part of ICO. Investors rely on a safe and secure platform.

    Now that you know the capability of ERC20 token standards.

    Let us move on to How to create ERC20 tokens for your fundraising?

    Make sure to create ERC20 tokens more genuinely. There are many sources that generate your ERC20 tokens instantly. But a token that has been created already has an issue that would affect your business. It is the smart contract. The smart contract has the records of the functionalities of how your tokens should behave. When these smart contracts are already issues and deployed in the blockchain, it contains a common code that does not work specifically. It might or not be helpful for your business. So, it is advisable to create the tokens from an ERC20 token development company. There you can request the blockchain experts to guide you and develop smart contracts for ERC20 tokens bagging your requirements.

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