Launch NFT based Horse Racing Game Website with Zed Run Clone Script

  • At Gamesdapp, We develop, design and deploy bug free "Zed Run Clone Script" that offers the functionalities and features (like racing, breeding, various attributes, classes, coats etc,.) of a digital horse racing game like Zed Run.

    Technicalities Covered in Zed Run Clone Script

    ❏ Website | Front end
    ❏ Unity 3D part for game
    ❏ Smart contract with Mint feature
    ❏ Admin Panel
    ❏ Truffle report for smart contract
    ❏ Fresh UI UX based on Client preference

    Primary Features of Zed Run Clone Script

    • Minting a Horse
    • Pay for Mint (Wallet connectivity)
    • Racing Logic
    • Racing Slots
    • Breeding
    • Metadata | Metaverse connectivity Resale in Opensea | Rarible
    • Performance of NFTs (The Horses)
    • Color variation of NFTs
    1. Specification
    2. Energy
    3. Breed capacity

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