Uniswap clone script

  • Uniswap clone script offered by Zodeak is designed for public honesty to originate your decentralized exchange protocol like uniswap. It avoids the intermediate fees within transactions. Zodeak's Uniswap clone for the inhabitant's trade tokens enables users to make an exchange without platform fees or middlemen.

    When you start with an Ethereum wallet like Metamask, Uniswap Clone Script is rapidly ignites swapping tokens. Users can then swap tokens immediately without the lack of an order book. This operates using an "Automated Market Maker" (AMM) where Liquidity Providers (LP) deposit tokens into the smart contract and this liquidity then implements a price quote to merchants without the need of any professional market makers. Liquidity Providers are neutralized with a 0.3% trading fee for rendering liquidity on the protocol.