Create your token protocol like Safemoon - Safemoon clone script

  • The emergence of cryptocurrency is introducing us with new technology every time. And time it's all about decentralized finance. It is a prominent and trending technology in the crypto space. After many successful DeFi projects like uniswap, Pancakeswap etc.,. There is a newly emerging DeFi token protocol that is none other than Safemoon.

    What is Safemoon clone script?
    Safemoon clone script is a token protocol that has all the essential features and special functionalities of the original safemoon. It is built with three special features - Automated liquidity provision, RFI static rewards, Automatic token burns. It is a customizable solution with a number of best features and security options.

    Features of Safemoon clone script:
    High APYs
    Returns are percentage based
    Yield farming without problems
    Manual burns
    Fair launch in to the main net
    Compatible with market fluctuation

    How Safemoon clone script works :
    Reflection : Process of DeFi yield generation helps users to earn rewards for their trading activity. For every transaction, a particular transaction fee is charged by the RFI.
    Automated liquidity pool : Based on the pooled amount reward will be provided
    Burning and minting of tokens : Creating and burning of tokens are applicable in the safemoon clone script.
    Rewards: Rewards will be provided to the users based on the participation in the various trading options like condition based trading and volume based trading.

    Where to get the feature rich safemoon clone script?
    WeAlwin technologies - Leading DeFi token development company satisfies you with essential criteria for launching your safemoon clone script. They have an expert team of developers who have more than 8+ years of experience in the field of DeFi development and blockchain development services. They help you develop your Safemoon clone script on any blockchain as per your requirements includes ethereum, tron or BSC. Get connected with the best team and start your DeFi projects instantly

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