Breaking news: GALA airdrop for all ZPT holders

  • This good news is only for those who share the same belief and value with Zeepin; who are still holding ZPTs despite all the volatilities in current cryptocurrency market;

    Do you remember a super dApp that was released at NEO DevCon in San Francisco on Dec. 31?

    Galaxy(Crypto Galaxy) can be understood as an entertainment dApp for everyone to explore the creativity offering different possibilities under Zeepin ecosystem. It’s a virtual universe that is empowered by blockchain and composed of countless planets. Anyone can have his own planet.

    Galaxy is going to launch its own token named Gala, which will be the fuel that drives the whole entertainment ecosystem of Galaxy. To reward the loyal supporters in our community, any ZPT holder will be rewarded with Gala.

    1. Until March 15th, anyone who deposits ZPTs to his NEO wallet will receive GALA reward.
    2. The first snapshot will be made on March 1st when block height hits 1976445. Ratio between ZPTS and Gala will be disclosed after the first snapshot.
    3. Snapshots will be processed on March 1st and 15th and the amount of ZPTs in NEO wallet will be recorded by snapshots. More details about Snapshots are listed as below:

    March 1st /Blockchain height — 1976445
    March 15th /Blockchain height — 2022966


    The real-time block height shall be applied on these days

    How Can You Obtain Gala?

    1.If you have ZPTs in your wallet, you will have GALA. For those whose ZPTs are restored in the wallet of certain exchange, please be kindly noted that the exchange will have the right to decide whether or not your ZPTs are allowed for snapshot or airdrop.

    2.You can log in to the website of Galaxy to view your ranking after the first snapshot, where the record of snapshots will be displayed.

    3. More ZPTs in your wallet means you can get more Gala.
    We will distribute GALA to the wallet where your ZPTs stay accordingly after the last snapshot

    If you want to know more about Zeepin and its projects, please refer to the following source:

    Galaxy official website:
    Zeepin official website: