ERC20 tokens vs BEP20 tokens

  • Our familiar crypto exchange-binance has launched a new crypto token standard, BEP20. It has similar functionalities to the popular crypto token standard ERC20. So what is in it for the crypto entrepreneurs?

    It is said that Binance smart chain has many similarities with the ethereum Blockchain. Right from the ecosystem architecture to the token standards. But technically, the binance smart chain is a step ahead of the ethereum Blockchain. Not one, Faster, cheaper, cross Blockchain compatibility, what more they are served by parallel Blockchains, Binance smart chain and binance chain. Unlike ERC20 token standards, BEP20 tokens are getting more interest among crypto entrepreneurs.

    Which one to prefer? ERC20 or BEP20?

    If we are comparing these two crypto token standards, we are comparing the two Blockchains (Ethereum and BSC). Well, there are only pros when we compare BEP20 and ERC20 tokens. But in terms of technical aspects, BEP20 tokens has many supporting platforms comparing to the ERC20 token standards. On the flip side, Ethereum has a wider audience when comparing to the BEP20 tokens. In the end, we have to assume that they are superior in their ways. It is the entrepreneurs' call when it comes to creating their crypto tokens.

    Anyhow, if you are about to create Crypto BEP20 tokens, you might require a team of Blockchain experts from a reliable BEP20 token development company. There are plenty of ways to create your desired tokens. But I would suggest you go with the experienced minds of Blockchain experts. Speaking of Blockchain experts, I would suggest you cope up with Zab technologies.

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