Thank Qlinkers for your kind words

  • Qlink collected New Year Wishes from our community members two days before Chinese New Year. It is touching for the whole team to feel your support. Along with the amazing videos we received from all over the world, we also felt the the warmth from your kind words and strength from your encouragement.

    View our short video here

    Together, we will build a sharing protocol for the future telecom.

    Highlight the quotes below if it is from you!

    “I like how ambitious the Qlink Project is and how there are always knowledgeable people active on Telegram ready to answer any questions I have. I have often found that there are many questions I should have that others ask and I am able to learn from them. There is no other project I follow as focused on investor relations and knowledge as Qlink and I hope you keep up the great work!” by Jack Steinberg

    “I love the frequent updates! The amazing thing is that you have a MVP already. I like the global vision and the real usage of blockchain.” @kenpole

    “Like the fact that it’s a working project with prototype. The Qlink team keeps on showing progress with partnerships.” @daveworks

    “Very ambitious! Qlink can be one of the biggest projects on blockchain!” @dhruvseta

    “Great potential for the future! It will revolutionize the mobile industry.” @John_van_Loon

    “I like the concept!”

    “I believe in this project and invested.”

    “The concept of sharing, something essential in the human being and totally necessary”

    “I believe Qlink, so I invested!”

    “The partnership between NEO and Qlink. What a perfect match!”

    “A project with the future.”

    “I love the purpose behind Qlink and how the team and project strive to bring internet access to low service areas. There are billions of people without internet access and providing them a way to access the wealth of information available online is valuable to us (the connected) and them.”

    “I like the fact that my 11-year-old daughter can understand the vision — the dApp use case(s) — and that she can reproduce it!”

    “Helps grow the NEO community!”

    “Qlink team is brilliant and project is big idea!”

    “Decentralized mobile network is the future!!”

    “I love how fast and hard the Qlink team works to constantly improve Qlink product.”

    Have been a supporter from the early days and truly believe that the concept of the project is great, we are always wasting unused telecom resources like data and why not be able to decentralise it and share this while making money for the user

    “Clear and easy to understand 2018 Road Map, and magnificent branding. I love the use of Purple on the website! Established partnerships was what first caught my eye on New Year Eve 2017 when I first invested in Qlink. Now it’s Chinese New Year and this is my way of giving back and showing my appreciation for the Qlink Team.”

    “Consistent developments of the MVP, and the ever-evolving strategy of the team.”

    I am excited for the vehicle mounted base station. The Qlink team is wonderful and hardworking. I am excited that Qlink is going to change the telecommunication industry.”

    I like how they do not bring uit news just to create attention or hype. The team is working on the roadmap and making progress but is not hyping every bit of progress

    I believe it can disrupt the monopoly of some ISPs and would love to see that day.

    “It’s a great project with huge potential!”

    “I feel like the project which has real life use and a very welcoming community!”

    “As a proponent of technologies that have the potential to empower and promote human interaction, I have been eagerly waiting for a sustainable decentralized mobile network — and Qlink endeavors to build exactly this!”

    “Amazing projct! So I invested in you.”

    “Great project with a great team, what’s not to like?”

    “Working with the best team with an amazing vision.”