Happy Lunar New Year!

  • February 16th (Friday) is the first day of Lunar New Year, the year of the DOG. Woof Woof!

    Qlink wishes you all the best and sends you our warmest season greetings: Gong Hei Fat Choy!


    The majority of Qlink members are from Mainland China, and have spent a whole year at work, which is, most of time, far away from home. Lunar New Year is the time for family reunion.

    If you have left home for work, like us, I truly believe you can understand the contagious homesickness during holidays. The scene of home-coming is too vivid to resist, when you push the door open, you see the anxiety of waiting fades away and the happiness emerges on your parents’ faces, and your children’s laugh relaxing you in a magical way. In most Chinese families, we will surround dinner table and enjoy dumplings on New Year’s Eve. This is the definition of happiness by culture.

    The Lunar New Year is a time for reflection. What was lost, but also on what was gained.

    Network supports the 21th century civilizations, and the internet built a digital world. Qlink’s idea matured in July 2017, thanks to the R&D team continuously broadening the scope of operation systems for Qlink. The past 8 months have been filled with numerous groundbreaking accomplishments. We would like to take the time to reflect on some of those now:

    Qlink’s crowdsale completed on December 22, 2017. Thank you board members and advisors! Their guidance helped build a healthy token generation structure.

    Qlink listed on its first exchange — Kucoin on December 29, 2017. Thank you all from the business team! Their tireless efforts helped generate the demand.

    Qlink’s MVP was launched on Jan 3, 2018. Featuring the first decentralized telecom service — WiFi sharing. Thank you R&D teams. Their days and nights of dedication make all releases possible. They would like you to know, more amazing features are in progress for the Qlink dApp.

    Qlink signed an agreement of joint venture with Cenntro Auto on December 11, 2017. The team will begin developing C2X communication protocols and vehicle mounted basestations. Thank you Cenntro Auto, a bright future lies ahead!

    Qlink signed an MoU with Block Array on Jan 31, 2018. The partnership is exploring an expanding collaboration between decentralized network and decentralized logistic logging. Thank you Block Array, we look forward to working together!

    Qlink team members has been to Korea, Japan, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, UK, Germany, Netherlands…We appreciate you have been with us along the way.

    Do you have any Lunar New Year resolutions? We would like to share ours with you:


    Public Chain

    Qlink aspires to launch the hardware and complete constructing the public chain infrastructure by the end of 2018. In the meantime, we will continue to enrich our ecosystem by on-boarding new partners and exploring alternate business models.

    Qlink’s technology improvement is in full throttle for 2018. Qlink Labs would like to welcome talented teams who share Qlink’s vision of building an ecosystem for the future generation of network operating systems. Contact a team member for further information.

    Last but not least. Please accept our gratitude, Qlinkers, for your ongoing support, love, and passion.

    Happy New Year!

    The Qlink Team