What are the must-have features for an on-demand mechanic app?

  • The on-demand mechanic app has several features and is beneficial for the customers & service providers. Some of the essential features are mentioned below.
    Live tracking
    It is a necessity for an on-demand app. This feature allows the customer to track the mechanic (service provider) location in real-time upon accepting the service request. Meanwhile, they get to know the estimated arrival time of the service provider.
    Multiple payment modes
    User convenience is the primary key for the Uber for Mechanics app's success. Ensuring this, integrate multiple payment gateways in your app. So, the users can choose their payment modes at their convenience.
    Transparent pricing
    Compared to the local shops or mechanics, the service charge in the on-demand app has to be relatively less and transparent. This allows the customers to know the actual value of the repair parts and service fees.
    Advanced search filters
    This feature will let the customers search the experienced service providers and choose the one they want. Also, they can select the service they need to avail.
    In-app messaging
    Using this feature, the customers can resolve their queries by connecting to the service providers.
    Fare estimation
    The on-demand mechanic app displays a fare estimate before the customers confirm a service request.
    Invoice generation
    Upon completing the service, the service provider app generates an invoice and can be shared with the customer.