Qlink dApp code open to public

  • Another upgrade of Qlink product

    Last workday prior to the Chinese Spring Festival for the Qlink team! Imagine how long this day could possibly be! Especially after a whole day dedicated to troubleshooting…

    We finally brought the VPN service powered by blockchain to your Android mobile devices! As the first mobile network platform deployed on the NEO chain, it has been a long way to tackle the unprecedented obstacles, for this recent few weeks, the team ran off their feet with VPN configuration on the user’s Android devices, great achievement has been made, while long way remain ahead.

    Download the new version here:


    WiFi sharing and VPN service platform are developed as two of the major use cases of account sharing protocol on Qlink Public Chain. Qlink is releasing our original codes to the public, and open to any individuals or teams who are as passionate to the open-source public infrastructure as us to get involved. We wish the collective wisdom will take our protocol to various application scenarios and bring prosperity to the future telecom ecosystem.

    What you can do with Qlink VPN

    You can now connect to a registered Qlink VPN server to tunnel your connection with the encryption layer. No username or password required.

    Connect to a VPN server for security or bypassing your GEO- restrictions.

    1. Choose a Qlink VPN asset from the list of available VPN servers and click to access.

    2. Your QLC will be automatically deducted from your in-app wallet.

    3. Click the notification banner to disconnect from the VPN server.

    Where we encountered an issue

    We encountered this issue that a VPN configuration file requires private key and/or username, password could hardly get through the verification process, thus registering a VPN server with such settings has NOT been enabled in our dApp.

    What we call for

    To set up VPN servers on Qlink extensively and to broaden the VPN server locations are our next step product goals, especially during our preparation for the global Qlink dApp roll out.

    We crave for experienced developers, hackers, troubleshooter to contribute your expertise in the development of the Qlink VPN functionality on Android devices, or any other features you are likely to practice your talents on, drop us an email at [email protected]or reach out to any Qlink telegram admins, come to us, or we are coming after you!

    As a Qlink dApp beta user

    To encourage Qlink VPN beta users, we prepared some amount of QLC to reward those who try our newly launched VPN feature.

    For VPN first time users, please connect to a VPN server on the assets list, and provide us your feedbacks, as always, kindly submit via the feedback survey at https://goo.gl/forms/6RjFwx5fthBTCEIH2

    I know you are more than talented

    Technophiles, troubleshooters, mind a shot given to set up a VPN server on your Android devices? Follow the procedures below, we are all ears.

    1. Import a VPN configuration file on the VPN registration screen.

    2. Set your intended QLC rewards for remote VPN server access from your clients.

    We wish you a happy new year!

    You know what , I am getting off to my family! Now!