How much does it cost to develop a LocalBitcoins clone script?

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    In recent times, Bitcoin is hitting a new trend and many businesses enthusiasts and traders are getting their craze towards the crypto exchange. They also started diving into the crypto exchange business and wanted to develop their own bitcoin exchange platform like LocalBitcoins. As a solution, here comes the Localbitcoins clone script and exact replica of the LocalBitcoins.

    LocalBitcoins clone script:
    Localbitcoins clone script is a bitcoin exchange platform with the best features and number of trading options. It replicates the exact functionality of the original software with developed extra features. It is an open-source P2P network. LocalBitcoins clone allows more than 200+ cryptocurrencies and also has the best user-friendly dashboard that allows traders to buy and sell their bitcoins as easily as possible.

    Developing your crypto business with LocalBitcoins clone script is a good idea as it increases the profit of your business. Localbitcoins clone provides you with a number of features.

    Features of Localbitcoins clone script:
    Users can advertise their cryptocurrencies or they can also choose their crypto with ads.
    Trading options include margin trading, OTC trading.
    If a user wishes to have a conversation regarding buy and sell, they can use the chat box.
    Token listing is allowed here, where the user can list their token in the platform and also they can gain liquidity.
    Easy and faster transactions.
    Since it is P2P trading, there will not be any interference or third parties.

    Cost to develop LocalBitcoins clone script:
    When it comes to the cost, it mainly depends on the features and functionalities. Localbitcoins clone is an entirely customizable solution you can make modifications based on your business requirements so based on the features and customization you make the cost will vary. We cannot say the exact cost for the development but the cost may vary from $5k to $10k.

    If you are interested in developing your own crypto exchange platform like LocalBitcoins, I suggest you connect with “Wealwin technologies” - they have a solid team of expert developers who can help you create your effective clone of Localbitcoins with high-performing features.

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  • Localbitcoins Clone script
    Localbitcoins clone script is a P2P crypto exchange platform enabling users to trade or buy/sell cryptocurrencies without any kind of intermediate between them. This clone script includes added features and is completely user-friendly. Localbitcoins clone script is using many verifications systems and is completely secured.

    Benefits of LocalBitcoins clone script:
    Escrow Wallet system - The entire transaction is maintained by the Escrow wallet system where the Admin will be given control to manage it. The trade happens only if the buyer transfers the payment and the seller confirms the transaction.
    Security - Every transaction happens after a 2-factor authentication process. You can choose the 2-factor method in which your user wants to ensure their account.
    Email verification - If you cannot access your laptop and you are signing in to another computer, then you will get an email verification link to access your account.
    Customizable software - If you want a LocalBitcoins clone script with some unique features, Our software is ready to get customized accordingly based on your business needs.
    Customer support - You will always have our back based on the technical and non-technical support based on any interruptions related to the function of the LocalBitcoins clone software.

    At Coinsclone, they identify the significance of the Decentralized exchange platform and came up with a distinguished p2p exchange software for your business venture. They have a dedicated team to craft our LocalBitcoins clone script software. Get your LocalBitcoins clone software with Coinsclone. While speaking about the pricing it is completely dependent on the customer’s needs, The price may range up to $5.5k - $6.5k.

    To get more information/price discussion, you can get contact via,

    Whatsapp: +91 9500575285

    Mail Id: [email protected]

    Skype: live:hello_20214