What are NFTs and what will their evolution be?

  • What are NFTs?
    We could define a token as a “contract” in which it is stipulated that a person owns a unique and irreplaceable copy of a digital asset, along with that asset. To ensure that the “contract” is safe and truthful, it is stored on a public network, which is blockchain technology. The fact of being on the blockchain development company guarantees that it is auditable and that if these buyers decided to sell said contract for the possession of a single asset, it could be followed up.
    Tangible assets that can be touched and seen, such as stamps, works of art, or jewelry are often given value. Now more and more it is also being done with intangible goods that, although we see, are not material. Although cryptocurrencies come close to this definition, NFTs go further, applying this concept to objects oriented, especially to collecting.
    Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are not interchangeable because they are unique, although there may be copies outside. However, an NFT can be sold to someone else. Also, most of these “tokens” are written on the Ethereum network .
    The relevance of the NFT’s comes from the fact that its origin can be assured by introducing a code in the programming . This allows that if the work is sold to another owner, the transaction is recorded in this public network, which can be ethereum or another, and the creator or artist will be remunerated with a percentage for each transmission of the same. In this way, digital targets with many business possibilities can be uniquely represented.

    How to do an NFT step by step

    1. Scan a file
    2. Register a “node” on the blockchain network
    3. Minting or coined

    How to measure the price of an NFT

    1. Rarity or scarcity
    2. Utility
    3. Property history

    The Future of NTFs and the Blockchain Industry

    This market for crypto art and Non-fungible tokens or NFTs is expected to maintain the same growth curve despite the slight drop in popularity in recent weeks. In fact, according to a study carried out by the firm Invezz, there are no signs that the NFT market is a bubble and the volume of operations is expected to reach 145 million euros by October .
    It is true that the NFTs have had a boom in the press for these large purchases that we have mentioned above. There have been a lot of purchases that apparently may seem useless to us. These large purchases are likely to stop because in the end it is a technology that is being born.

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