The Red Pulse Telegram sticker contest

  • The contest

    Telegram offers you the option to create your own stickers. Since our telegram reached 5000 members, we invite you all to create your own special stickers related to RPX. Design, make it pretty, funny, special, or anything you like. Just keep it respectful! We will be reviewing your abominations and add them to the formal package of RedPulse stickers if we like them.

    WARNING under no circumstances share your private key to anyone or anywhere. Only ever enter your public key.

    An example of a lazy RPX sticker


    Feb 12th- Mar 12th 2018

    How to participate

    1. Create your own RPX sticker. You can find instructions on how to do it here:
    2. Make sure to follow the instructions! We will not accept stickers that are not RPX related or exploiting one of our rules.
    3. Once you are done, register with this formform
    4. Upload your sticker to the telegram group( Let everyone see your creations
    5. Do not copy others work! If someone already uploaded the same sticker as you, we will disqualify you from this contest.
    6. The contest will be closed on March 12th 2018.
    7. Prizes will be distributed by March 17th 2018.


    1. Every eligible participant will get 50 RPX for participating

    2. Winners will get:

    • 1st place: 1000 RPX
    • 2nd place: 750 RPX
    • 3rd place: 500 RPX


    will be reviewed when the contest is over on the 12th of March and publicized on the 17th of March 2018.


    If you have questions about the contest, we kindly invite you to join our telegram chat:

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