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  • Antier Solutions offers comprehensive Non-Fungible token development services to help individuals, start-ups, and established organizations to Create Non-Fungible Token. The company believes that blockchain-based tokenomics has tremendous potential to address important issues of our day as passionate believers of a decentralized future. People and organizations can profit from better digital acceptance of their tangible and intangible assets by using Antier's NFT development services. NFTs provide the most effective proof-of-copyright and licensing ownership because they cannot be exchanged in primary markets, created, or altered in any way.

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  • Nice thread @antier1. I would like to add up few lines regarding the Non-fungible token creation.

    If you are an entrepreneur who wants to raise funds by launching an ICO, you may have to create ERC20 tokens in the ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum Blockchain standard ERC20 tokens are fungible. They can be easily exchanged with other ERC20 tokens in the ecosystem. ERC20 tokens are divisible and possess equal values. Opposite to the ERC20 token standard, Ethereum has a non-fungible token (NFT) standard ERC721. The functions are quite similar to the ERC20 tokens. But they are non-fungible token standards. Unlike the ERC20 token standard, they'll have unique values and are indivisible.

    If you wanna know about Non-fungible tokens and how to create them? check out this blog on How to create ERC721 tokens?. it will help you from the "ERC" basics to launching NFT tokens for your business.

    Just remember one thing, you don't have to be a crypto nerd to understand these token concepts. They are just technical token standards created for various purposes. if you have identified the proper token standard, you can ease the business execution without any hassle.

    Happy entrepreneurship : )