Announcement Baby Doge Shiba INUS Bounty Program

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    Dear community,
    To spread Baby Doge Shiba Inus – a meme cryptocurrency developed into a brilliant ecosystem, we encourage the community to have the best experience in decentralized finance.
    Baby Doge Shiba Inus is thrilled to announce the bounty program.
    Learn more

    1. Tweet Baby Doge Shiba INUS Review
      Get $ 30 $SHIBAINU - $ 50 $SHIBAINU
      Review Baby Doge Shiba INUS and tweet it on your Twitter
      Attached the following hashtag
      #BabyDogeShibaINUS #BabyShibaDeFi
      #SHIBAINU #SHIBAINUBEP20 #BabyDogeShibaINUSReview
      The criteria of valid post on Twitter:

    2. Follow

    3. Retweet, like and comment the pinned post.

    4. Your follower have minimum of 500 follower

    5. Your tweet have to make a minimum of 100 retweet and 100 likes each week that you participate. Max 1 per day is allowed

    6. Make your Baby Shiba INUS tweet which contains the following hashtag
      #BabyDogeShibaINUS #BabyShibaDeFi
      #SHIBAINU #SHIBAINUBEP20 #BabyDogeShibaINUSReview

    1. Video Review
      Get $20 $SHIBAINU - $40 $SHIBAINU Reward
      Terms and Conditions
    2. All submissions must be original works of the contestants.
    3. Contestants can share their videos on any social media channel including but not limited to Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, etc.
    4. Baby Doge Shiba INUS will announce the suitable video with our criteria.
      The criteria for determining the winners are as follows:
    • Record a video review, where you talk about Baby Doge Shiba INUS
    • The video should show your face.
    • Video must be at least HD 720p quality (1280x720).
    • The minimum video length is 180 seconds.
    • Upload the video to YouTube.
    • Leave the link to the Baby Doge Shiba INUS website in the description.
    • Post a video review on the review pages.
      Topic Request:
    1. Presale (19 July - 26 July)
    • Best Price only 1 SHIBAINU = $ 0.000000001
    • Commission 15% apply from $100
    • SHIBAINU Token will list on Pancake Swap after 7 days
    1. Give Away Big Airdrop
    • Participant will receive Airdrop in 24 hours
    • Complete Baby Doge Shiba INUS Airdrop Get 1 BILLION $ SHIBAINU for a person
    1. Image
      The participant will pick up the characters including ElonMusk, DogeCoin, ShibaToken, BabyDogeCoin & Baby Doge Shiba INUS then you will talk about the connection of DogeCoin Family.
    2. Baby Doge Shiba INUS Platform
      Baby Doge Shiba Inus is a decentralized meme-friendly financial platform built on Binance Smart Chain that is designed for crypto exchange protocol (BEP-20)
      Baby Doge Shiba Inus's team developed the community-driven project, empowered the Doge Shiba-loving community.
      We are trying to build the best Decentralized Ecosystem (DECO) in the world. Our Ecosystem include Swap, Staking, Farming, NFT, and DEX that will give the best experience in Cryptocurrency Decentralized Exchanges
    • Swap
    • Staking
    • Farm
    • NFT
    • DEX
      The criteria of valid video review on Youtube:
    1. Subscribe
    2. Follow
    3. Retweet, like and comment the pinned post.
    4. Your Channel have minimum of 500 subscribe
    5. Your video review have minimum of 5000 views
    6. Your video review have minimum of 50 shares
    7. Your video review have minimum of 10 comments
    8. Your video review will post on your social
    9. Review Baby Doge Shiba INUS on Blog
      Get $ 20 $ SHIBAINU - $ 30 $ SHIBAINU Reward
      Write an article in your blog in your own language.
      Make this carefully and follow the instructions below:
    • The article should have more than 3000 characters without spaces.
    • The article should contain at least 2 links to the website:
    • The article should be unique and interesting for the reader.
    • The article should contain screenshots of
    • The article is evaluated based on its size, creativity and the size of the audience of the blog.
      Note: Plagiarism, including translation of articles from other users into another language, is PROHIBITED. We will skip the incorrect articles.
      The criteria of a valid article on your blog:
    1. Follow
    2. Retweet, like, and comment on the pinned post.
    3. Your blog has a minimum of 500 follower
    4. Your article has to make a minimum of 5000 views and 100 likes each week that you participate. Max 1 per day is allowed
    5. Your article has to contain the following hashtag
      #BabyDogeShibaINUS #BabyShibaDeFi
      #SHIBAINU #SHIBAINUBEP20 #BabyDogeShibaINUSReview
    6. Your article about Baby Doge Shiba INUS that share on your social
      How to submit your participation to Baby Doge Shiba INUS?
      After completing, you can your participation and your BEP-20 Wallet Address to us through 2 ways to receive the reward.
    7. Submit to mail: [email protected]
    8. Submit directly through username telegram's admin