Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cost

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  • When it comes to the cost to develop a crypto exchange, it has many factors. They are

    Launching Methodology

    Integrating High-Security Mechanisms

    In addition to that, you would want to integrate many security features. A crypto exchange is more likely to be at the risk of hacking. Yes, many digital hackers would want to steal cryptos. To avoid that, you would want to secure your crypto exchange by integrating features like

    • Registry lock
    • Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)
    • Anti-DDoS modules
    • Web Protocol Security
    • Wallet protection
    • 2-Factor authentication

    Outstanding Features that Shapes the Crypto Exchange Development Cost

    • Margin Trading
    • Atomic Swaps
    • IEO Integrated Module
    • Mobile Application for IOS and Android
    • Liquidity API
    • Crypto Payment Gateway Integration
    • Order Book System
    • Market Making
    • crypto wallet integration
    • AML / KYC integration

    As explained earlier, The cost could vary on the above factors. Based on the requirements, the cost could vary from 6k to 15k. Zab technologies, being a leading crypto exchange software development company, offer all sorts of crypto exchange development services at affordable costs.