Zeepin Progress Update

  • — We are always working with passion and firm belief

    It’s shocking to witness the slump in cryptocurrency market with BTC price dropping to $6500. The fluctuation is leading to panic over investors as the price of ZPT is inevitably affected. Good news is that the majority of users in Zeepin community can understand the current situation and still have faith in Zeepin holding ZPTs, which means a lot to us. The world of cryptocurrency never fails to surprise us — you may become a millionaire overnight or be dead broke within just a few days. However, Zeepin has never been interested in any kind of speculative activity- we are always committed to being the pioneer of creative industry with the power of blockchain. It’s beyond our ability to manipulate or tamper with the dramatic market. All we can do is making more efforts to speed up the development of all dApps guided by user-friendly principle. That’s something we can promise — a promising project with long-term and sustainable development.

    ZeepRights has successfully completed internal testing and places for open beta testing will be released on March.

    ZeeRights is in smooth progress with closed beta test on front-end code and back-end program. Thanks to our tech team working day and night, we get to release a few pictures for our global community!

    Only Chinese version is available for the time being. We will invite global users from our community to test our dapp because their feedback is important for us to make improvement. Besides, we are looking for volunteers who can translate ZeeRights into different languages and help us with legal consultation!

    ZeeSure x Top 500 Insurance Institutions

    Strategic partnership for protecting global creativity

    As a blockchain-based IP insurance platform, ZeeSure will provide creative /practitioners with one-stop insurance service for various digital intellectual property, as well as legal consultation.

    It is very difficult for traditional transaction models to achieve financial innovation. In Zeepin projects, insurance or other financial products are integrated into the entire chain covering the whole chain of digital copyright development, demand and production, which is provided for the participants with corresponding protection and services to improve the security, circulation, and transaction of digital assets.

    Insurance market for digital assets

    Copyright and intellectual property is the barrier in creative industry, and it’s the core resource and asset in a company. Only when the copyright is well protected, can a company safeguard its asset. Although it’s a dismaying fact to witness trillions of dollars loss caused by copyright or IP infringement, the blockchain technology seems born to disrupt the dilemma and serves just like a safe box to protect the assets in creative industry.

    Currently, Zeepin has reached an agreement with one of the top 500 insurance institutions for the purpose to release the blockchain-based product for protecting digital assets. ZeeSure is approved and subject to the review of related insurance institutions. Going forward, more products for protecting digital assets will be developed by both parties.

    “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” — Warren Buffett

    Opportunity favors those who have strong belief. In an era of ever-changing digital market, no one has a crystal ball to foresee the trend or even give any seemingly professional advice.

    We have been asked a thousand of times why Zeepin chose NEO to be its ecological partner. It’s the unshakable faith in NEO that has inspired us. NEO’s impressive achievement and huge success is credited to ceaseless efforts and strong belief from NEO’s team when being questioned.

    Zeepin team is professional with 15 years of dedication to creative industry and extensive experience. It’s an essentially functioning platform with 1.2 million active user from all over the world that is transitioning to blockchain.

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