Corona Crypto Technology Solutions

  • Creating a new application of assets on the advanced blockchain technology — a type of asset that is possible for every single person to contribute to the development and resolution of the world’s crisis problems. The amount of assets created based on the global population is currently 7,900,000 people.
    The amount of assets created on the blockchain platform with the transparency of smart contracts will help all people in the world can own it and contribute to the development of the world to restore the economy, social life during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.
    The current Covid-19 situation in the world is increasingly complicated.
    Global Covid-19 infections crossed 166 million, and the number of deaths had reached over 3.4 million. (Data updated on 22nd in May 2021)
    The United States is currently the country with the largest number of cases, 33,862,398 cases. While Italy had infected 4,183,476 cases and Spain also surpassed 4,183,476. Germany is 3,646,000 cases and China where the outbreak was reported by researchers at least 90,954. (Data updated on 22nd May 2021)
    COVID-19 infection has been identified as a result of droplets being spread from an infected person to a healthy person and by con tact with surfaces that spread the virus and normal surface contacts such as electronic devices (phones, tablets, computer mice). Cash transactions are also a risk of infection.
    According to WHO recommendations, the Sars-Cov-2 virus can exist on the surface of used coins like any other type of surface. Therefore, people need to wash their hands immediately after trading and do not put their hands on the eyes, nose, mouth, limit transactions with paper money, especially used money.
    To limit the spread of disease in general and COVID-19 in particular when using cash, we have found a new solution.
    Corona Crypto — Safely Store Assets — Limit Cash Use To Avoid Infection
    Creating a transparent Blockchain asset during the time of fighting with pandemic and post-pandemic periods. A type of asset circulating on the Blockchain space of the Binance Smart Chain platform.

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