Aelf Candy rewards

  • aelf candy airdrop

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    aelf ($ELF) recently released this cool program that allows people to earn free aelf ($ELF) tokens by executing some simple tasks everyday. The nice thing about this program is that is very simple. Every day in the morning while you are on the bus you can just like some of their comments or retweet and you get free candies. The task that everyone can execute simply by having a twitter account are the following:

    • Connect to Github +5
    • Connect to Twitter +5
    • Connect to Telegram +5
    • Add members to aelf Telegram groups +3
    • Follow aelf official account on Twitter +20
    • Tweet and @aelfblockchain +1
    • Retweet from aelf official account +1
    • Reply tweets from aelf official account +1
    • Like tweets from aelf official account +1

    To register in the Aelf program, you must provide the Invitation Code. This is a very good solution because it rewards people who promote this system. Once you register with your email address then you are up to start collecting aelf ($ELF) tokens.

    You can simply click here, register and start collecting

    Rules of the System
    Participants invited directly by you or by others you invited, up to 8 degrees , reflects your influence;
    Influence will be rewarded a separate amount of ELF;
    When members under your influence completed assignments, you can earn influence points according to their degrees in the influence; (See calculation method in the table below)
    The total amount of daily rewards for all participants each time window is 500ELF;
    The total points you earned via influencing others = sum of points earned in each degree; (More details in table below)
    In each time window, your total amount of rewards = The total points you earned via influencing others / total points all participants earned via influencing * 500ELF;
    Points and ELF for each participant will be tallied at the end of each time window;
    Currently, time window equals to 24 hours;
    If you wanna earn more rewards, compete to invite more member than others under each time window;
    Withdraw of ELF will be allowed one month after earning;
    If any type of cheating is detected, the accounts associated will be terminated, all previous rewards will be reset to zero;

    Click here and register to start earning aelf on a daily base!