10 Things You Need to Know about Zeepin

  • Since the day Zeepin established its decentralized innovation community, it has received wide-range recognition and constant support from global investment institutions and NEO community. Zeepin has a client base of 29500 followers from telegram and 43000 from twitter , which is still on an amazingly growing trend. With increasing number of Zeepiners and only a few days left for ICO, we collected 10 ICO tips for you to have a better understanding of Zeepin and participate in the ICO.

    1Soft cap & Hard cap

    Soft cap: USD 12.6m

    Hard cap:420,000NEO

    2. ZPT Conversion rate

    Please refer to the ratio as below:

    1NEO= 860ZPT



    3.Early-bird bonus

    If you participate in the pre-sale on Jan18&19 you will be rewarded with 30% bonus

    Minimum Amount:1NEO/1BTC/1ETH




    ICO instruction:https://faq.zeepin.io/index.php?action=artikel&cat=2&id=31&artlang=en

    4. A glance of this chart helps you become a smart investor

    5. Wallet Guide for ICO

    For BTC/ ETH/NEO investors:

    You need a NEO wallet address to receive and show ZPT. ZPT can be shown in Neon Wallet 0.1.0, NEO Tracker and NEO-GUI.

    For NEO investors:

    Please send token from Neon Wallet 0.1.0 only, NEON 0.0.7/0.0.8/0.0.9 and NEO Tracker are not able to attend our token sale.

    NEON 0.1.0 installation guide: https://faq.zeepin.io/index.php?action=artikel&cat=2&id=32&artlang=en

    NEO-GUI is also fine to send NEO, but we are not going to support NEO-GUI for Zeepin token sale due to the process is complex.

    6. All investors must pass KYC review

    For the sake of better safeguarding the rights and interests, KYC is a must to follow.



    If your failed to pass KYC, please check if you

    1. Hold Chinese(mainland) or American passport.

    2. Fill out the requested information correctly and upload your photos according to the requirement.

    3. For users who have already submitted your KYC application.

    The investment amount and wallet address information are still modifiable.

    *Note: We will stop auditing all the KYC applications at 12:00 pm (UTC time), Jan. 18th, 2018. If you want to make any modification, please be aware of the deadline.

    7. Zeepin is a distributed creacitve new economy

    Cultural and creative industry is a place of wonder, guiding you to a world of smart world and creative life

    8. Complying with laws and regulations under SFA, Zeepin is a secure and legit project subject to the full surpevision by relevant financial institutions.

    9. Zeepin is the world’s first creative ecosystem empowed by blockchain with infinite potential and promising future to look forward to.

    In Zeepin’s commitment to a globalized creative ecosystem, 7 applicable dApps will be developed and launched gradually in the near future.

    10. Zeepin will be listed on some mainstream and well-known digital currency exchanges

    It may be everyone’s major concern about when ZPT can be listed

    Zeepin hereby shall keep its promise that ZPT is going to mainstream and well-know digital currency exchanges within one month after ICO is completed.

    Thanks for all your trust and support!

    Zeepin Foundation

    Website: https://www.zeepin.io/