Zeepin Token(ZPT)will be listed on Kucoin on January 30th

  • We proudly announce that Zeepin Token (ZPT) will be listed on Kucoin, users can start depositing ZPTs to Kucoin at 10:00(UTC) on January 30th, and trading at 14:00 (UTC) on January 30th.

    About Zeepin:

    Zeepin is a decentralized innovation community. Zeepin is committed to becoming the world’s leading blockchain based innovation, transaction and crowdfunding platform for the global creative industry.

    Zeepin aims to help organizations and individuals improve innovation efficiency and incubate a large number of creative organizations. Zeepin is an ecosystem with multiple dApps, which can solve the problems related to the protection of innovation copyright, talent recruitment, remote cooperation, and project financing.

    Zeepin X Kucoin

    The greatness in blockchain lies in the fact that trustability between unknown parties is no more an annoying issue to conquer and it genuinely mirrors a true meaning of sharing. Zeepin has done an awesome job, with the proven progress of over 90,000 users’ registration in the official website from more than 186 countries in less than 3 months, which is something you can’t imagine in traditional business. It’s all credited to the blockchain technology for all the progress achieved by Zeepin. It’s easy to believe that Zeeping is going to disrupt the inefficiency in the cultural and creative industries with the power of blockchain and enable people to embrace a new world with smart work and creative life.

    Zeepin launched its pre-sale on Jan 18 and reached hard cap in less than 5 hours. Zeepin Foundation is Singapore-based non-profit organization, which has deployed the smart contract and completed its ICO in Singapore. Zeepin has passed the compliance review under SFA in Singapore ( The design of Zeepin Token is construed to safe according to the 289 clause of SFA in Singapore). That means, digital tokens and projects initiated by Zeepin are fully regulated by related institutions in Singapore. A legit project, led by a professional and dedicated team in its commitment to a more promising future of Smart work and Creative life, expects ceaseless support and participation from more people across the world. Zeepin has become an iconic project with growing popularity thanks to support from Zeepiners all over the world.

    Zeepin chose to get ZPT listed in Kucoin because Kucoin shares same value with Zeepin and has good faith in Zeepin’s future. “Zeepin is a professional and trustworthy team with infinite imagination and proven ability to realize all its vision. In an era of fast-moving digital progress, the pioneering spirit is the drive to create a new ecosystem by revolutionizing the structure of current industries.” said by Kucoin.

    Blockchain is the future of Zeepin and the world. The power of decentralization leads to a distributed new economy with transparency and free of any backroom deal. Meanwhile, Zeepin is a borderless community composed of globalized users and developers. With their joint efforts, Zeepin’s platform will be constantly improved and upgraded to fulfill its vision of Smart work and Creative life!