Why remitano clone script?

  • Remitano clone script is a completely ready-made software that offers p2p crypto exchange like remitano. It allows anyone to exchange and trade major cryptocurrencies quickly and without any third parties. Remitano clone script is a fully customized script that you can add or remove any additional features and otherwise remitano clone script allows investors to invest and hold cryptocurrencies.

    Why start a p2p crypto exchange like remitano clone script?

    private chat:
    You can easily chat with buyers/sellers to make sure about their identity.

    KYC verification:
    It is very helpful to prevent any suspicious transaction and theft activities.

    Secure escrow wallet:
    All transactions are stored in an escrow wallet so it protects all transactions carefully.

    proximity match:
    The most believed dealers would be prescribed to the purchasers with the utilization of a calculation that will keep up with the dependability of the trade.

    Dispute resolution:
    There happens to be any disparity during the exchange, the administrator would be told by the escrows to determine the question with respect to the exchange.

    Feedback input:
    The user can enter his/her assessment that will help the administrator to think about the adequacy of their administration and where they can improve.

    Benifits of remitano clone script:

    1.ROI with multiple revenue streams
    2.Brand identification
    3.Customizable clone software and app
    4.Affordable investment
    5.Readymade clone script for instant launch
    6.Liquidity API
    7.Trust building
    8.Multiple trading and investing options

    If you are looking forward to building your own crypto exchange like remitano WeAlwin Technologies have wide insight and advanced skill in offering clone script-based crypto exchange development service. We have a specialist group of developers and quality researchers and dedicated designers who provide the best Remitano clone script like Remitano.

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