• Welcome to Altcointalk.io!

    Let's make this place a nice and friendly place to talk about altcoins! Since this forum is brand new, out of the box, there's little to no content. But with the help of YOU, we can turn this into a common place for all altcoin-enthusiasts!

    In the coming days/weeks, I will actively promote this forum on various social media platforms. My focus will be on relatively "new" altcoins where there's a need for a forum. At some point in time (hopefully), this forum will promote itself, until then, feel free to spread the word!

    Some nice features:
    -Live updates on post as said above
    -Social media, user can instantly share to Twitter and Facebook
    -Multi Language, users can pick their preferred UI language in settings
    -Trollbox on homepage (i know this is something that's either loved or hated)
    -Users can make their own User Homepage
    -Users can pick their own skins in settings, handy for when your eyes start to hurt
    -Live PM chat

    Feel free to make any suggestions, just PM me!
    Anyways, that's all!